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Kissogram - The Secret Life of Cpt. Ferber (Vinyl LP)


25,00 €

VAT Included

Vinyl 1×LP | Released in 2004

Louisville / Wanda Y / Universal

produced by Chilly Gonzales and Renaud Letang

feat. Feist



Jonas Poppe, Sebastian Dassé

+ Joe Dilworth (Ex-Stereolab) for live shows


Last Copies.


Press Info Kissogram:

Kissogram formed as an electronic band in Jonas Poppe's living room in the summer of 1999, serving as the musical alter ego of the "Sitcom Warriors." The duo's instrumental and technical setup was limited to a synthesizer, a drum machine, an 8-track recorder, a Stylophone, and a flea market microphone. Creatively, they were prolific; around a hundred songs were created during that time. Twelve of these tracks were burned onto CDs, copied onto tapes, and distributed among friends. One tape made its way to label owner Dittmar Frohmann via the painter Jim Avignon, who signed the duo to his label "blaou." Their single "If I Had Known This Before" became a success thanks to a remix and an MTV video, leading to further licensing and typical commercial exploitation.

Meanwhile, Kissogram turned away from the techno community, stopped playing their hit, and released the pop EP "I'm Absolute" on the Hamburg indie label Buback-Tonträger (home to Die goldenen Zitronen, Absolute Beginner). This was followed by the punk rock single "Cool Kids Can't Die" on another label (Metroheadmusic), until Kissogram was signed by Patrick Wagner (formerly of Kitty-Yo) to his new record company, Louisville-Records. Their first full-length album, "The Secret Life of Captain Ferber," produced in collaboration with the Canadian pop icon Chilly Gonzales, recorded in Paris, emerged as a pop/indie-disco album with diverse influences, garnering media attention and appreciation not only in Germany. The NME described "The Secret Life..." as refreshing and extraordinary, with funk, playful skill, and interesting lyrics. Similarly, the album received consistently positive reviews from Intro, Musik-Express, and the German feuilleton, praised for its versatility, numerous quotations, and talent for crafting opulent ballads like "Forsaken People Come to Me." This latter track became the album's first single release and the title track for the film "Stadt als Beute," to which Kissogram contributed other songs as well.



1Forsaken People Come to Me06:02
2My Friend is a Seahorse03:25
3Owda Awda (feat. Chilly Gonzales)03:50
4Cool Kids Can't Die04:21
5Sad Boy05:55
6Bloody Collar Shadow Man04:53
7Falling Star (feat. Feist)04:12
9Girl in My Shower (feat. Feist)03:06
10Teenage Dance03:30
11I Wanna Be My Man05:17
12Winter Eyes04:21


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